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"Crime Payz"

CD (Sonido Criminal Productions 001), Released 2011; Editor's Pick:

Pow! 2011 starts off right, packing a one-two power-punch. Here is sizzling hard core salsa dura featuring young singer Carlos Mojica, who attributes his influences to old school Fania era singers like Ismael Rivera, Hector Lavoe, Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez, Tito Allen, Ray De La Paz, Ismael Quintana, Chamaco Ramirez and Justo Betancourt. Mojica has seen some serious action, sharing the stage with Ismael Miranda, Brenda K Starr, Luisito Carrion, Hector Tricoche, Lalo Rodriguez, Tito Puente Jr. and Johnny Polanco Y Su Conjunto Amistad. Referencing the classic Lavoe-Colón "Crime Pays" album is sure to generate some skepticism. But a single listen to this bold debut will remove all doubts. Check out Rumba En El Cielo - just one example of the dancefloor burners here, and you will see just why Crime Payz. A big DJ Alert. Very Highly Recommended. (BP, 2011-01-11)

(Bruce Polin, Descarga &



"Gangsta Salsa? No, instead, hard-core salsa with a tinge of hip-hop and lots of energy channeled via New York and Puerto Rican style salsa. Singer/composer Carlos Mojica (a native of Patterson, New Jersey, of Puerto Rican heritage and based in Orlando, Florida, has been writing and singing salsa since his teen years. This debut recording with his band "Sonido Criminal" features 10 tracks, including eight scores penned by Mojica, plus a salsa version of the pop-classic hit Careless Whisper (composed by George Michaels and Andrew Ridgeley), as well as the selection Borinquen, composed by Charlie López. All the tracks are arranged by Sonido Criminal delivering an aggressive and uplifting sound. My personal favorites include the selections Borinquen, the title track Crime Payz (reminiscent of the early Willie Colón and Héctor Lavoe sound), and Sandunguera. Track #2 is omitted from the credits, listing Careless Whisper as the second track, while in reality it's the third track."

(Rudy Mangual, Latin Beat Magazine March 01, 2011)



Check out Sonido Criminal on Latin Beat Magazine's Hit Parade List in Los Angeles KXLU 88.9FM and New York's WFDU 89.1FM

(Latin Beat Magazine, April 2011)



Sonido Criminal's "Rumba En El Cielo" is now on Salsa Picante Radio Spring 2011 New Hit List!!

(, May 18, 2011)



I'm lovin it


My appetite for salsa dura is insatiable, but here's an album that is sure to provide plenty of sustenance for a long while. A short listen was enough to make my credit card burn a hole in my pocket. Like La Excelencia did at the start of 2009, Sonido Criminal raises the bar for the competition really high. I hope it sets the trend in salsa for 2011.

I love how tightly played the songs are, I love the little nods to the salsa legends of old, I love Carlos' take on "Careless whisper". To make a long story short: I'm lovin' it!

(author: Max,



Album review


Salsa is alive, believe me. I am crazy of some stuff in that CD.

No filler material in there.

(author: DJ Physty,



Sonido Criminal - Crime Payz


It's sure to be the Salsa CD/Album of 2011.  Sonido Criminal's new release "Crime Payz" terminates 2010 with a plasmic blast, jumpstarting 2011 like the Big Bang Theory.  This CD was already marked for success with preceding hot, single tracks like, "Cuando Te Conoci", "Rumba En El Cielo" and "Sandunguera".  It's these tracks that induced me to buy the full CD, "Crime Payz".  From track 1 "Intro" with it's gangster excerpts from "Scarface" to the "Godfather" figure on the CD cover, depicts the essence of the criminal element and alerts the listener that this is "Hard Salsa"..."Salsa Dura".  Songs like "Urgente Olvidarte", "Careless Whisper" and "Borinquen"  will definitely flood the dance floor, so it is definitely a CD to add to your collection, for DJ's and salseros alike.

Order your CD or download the MP3 album today!

(author: Juan DJ Doc Chavez,




Sonido Criminal-Crime Payz


Para los salseros y rumberos...esto si es salsa dura de un cantante joven con ritmo y sabor.  Highly Recommended! Se le desea mucha suerte y que siga y no cambie su ritmo y sabor salsero. Son muy pocos los salseros hoy en dia y se necesita una voz nueva y fresca.

A DJ must!

(author: MannyBX161,




Fists of fury!


Wow! Que Golpe Callejero! Carlos Mojica and his Sonido Criminal Crew are not playing around. From the Intro to the last cut, you are getting original lyrics, hard brass, strong coro and relentless percussion. His musical influence is clearly evident when you hear "Puro Y Sin Corte" Y "Sandunguera". This is simply a straight up Hard Core Salsa Dura release. This production needs to be treated with respect. It is easily going to be a Top Salsa Dura Pick for 2011. Vaya Carlos Te La Comiste!

(author: JR "Mr. Descarga",



Salsa Con Estilo Tafur........."Saludos desde Cali "Carlos Mojica Felicitaciones Que Sonido Tan Criminal, No se le Puede Llamar de Otra Manera" Esto es Criminal, Bestial, Hard Salsa!!!"



"I've been waiting for this CD for a while and finally got it, i gotta say is one of the best SALSA CD's i've heard in my life, really good… Carlos Mojica is a kick ass singer/sonero thats about to take over the game… would recommend this CD to anyone!!!!!".....nomescriba



"WOW! que clase creacion!! Nadie en este genero esta produciendo musica como este chamaco. Su estilo, letra, arreglos no tienen comparacion es halgo genial y impresionante hasta rapea en el disco! Si eres salsero o salsera buscate este album "Crime Payz" que lo recomiendo 1000%!!".....chikadelamusika



"Damn where the hell did this come from. Holy shit this is Hot Hot Hot. I heard about this cat through some soneros in new york and they said that this carlos mojica was gonna blind side the salsa scene and wow this cd is the ticket. The whole production is top notch from top to bottom. Yo Mr. Sonidocriminal let us know when you gonna be up in N.Y. Keep making hits son. ONE".......suprchops



"Wow!!! At last a very fresh and unique sound!!! Carlitos you do it bro Puerto Rico and New York blend it!!! Insane sound...Wish you the best!!!"........Ektor Orquesta Zarbanda!!!"



"Yo my man Carlos!! Your music is outstanding and very refreshing!! Your passion for our music is evident in each and every one of your songs! You are a rare talent and I am very proud to call you my friend! Dont forget me when you arrive at the top of the food chain!! Felicidades mi gran amigo!"......Desde Albuquerque,NM......mqelgq


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